pondělí 17. září 2018

Radio Jerevan ("radio yerevan")

I was a session singer from 31. July 2016 till 11. March 2017 in a Czech band Radio Jerevan. Their style is really difficult to define, because they had a large number of singers in their 20 years of existence and each of them brought there something different. The name does not mean it is a radio, but it was named after an imaginary radio parodying communist era. The most important singers which sang with them are:
  • Baz (his nickname is from a word ´bazooka´) - wrote most of the lyrics
  • Lucie Dvořáková - first Radio Jerevan's female singer, now working on a grindcore project
 My part of their music: I made up the main riff in a song Miluju plasty and Slovak part of Ježek v kleci.
Current line-up:
Che - guitar
Miňas - guitar
David - drums
Siky - bass guitar
Shrek - vocals

Metal and Hardcore festival XIII in Trutnov
From left to right: Che, me, David, Siky, Miňas

Goodfellas In Da House 10.12. 2016 in Železný Brod

Chemical Warfare Mosilana in Žamberk

Current line-up
From left to right: Miňas, Siky, Shrek, David, Che

From left to right: Baz, Siky, Che, Lucie

About me

I am Arya, female metal growler from Czech Republic. Although I have a blog in Czech, I decided to have one in English. I think the reason is understable.
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