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Underground in a clamp: interview with singer with the deepest voice in Czech Republic

It is no surprise that the number of people going to live concerts in latest years is lower because of the internet. Especially in the underground that is squeezed between two walls.

Mainstream gives an impression that everything what is not in the radio is a music of weirdos, junkies, nazis and satanists. However, the definition of underground music means experimental music for smaller groups of people. Pressure from the other side are music productions behaving to not really famous bands like they were stinking socks. They do not see potential in those bands and want to work just with the "bigger" bands. Anyway, the result of this clamp are empty concert halls of ska, jazz, rock, punk, metal and even classical music. Sure, anybody can go to see Beethoven or Mozart, but it is too easy not to see other musicians. Underground musicians need to support each other. Cooperation between genres is not something unusual anymore: Dimmu Borgir with Czech Filharmony or Sepultura with New Model Army. But sometimes it is not enough. That is why I would like to introduce you one of the Czech singers.
Seth is a nice guy with long hair and a beard, looks a bit like Jesus and is to music scene like a Jesus. He isn´t afraid to sacrifice himself for the Czech underground bands, organizes gigs, goes on tour and manages to do recordings for three bands.

You have unusually deep voice comparing to others at the Czech music scene. I suppose that´s the reason why you sing in three bands: Embrace the Darkness, Phylactery and partly in God In Flames. How did you get into that and how do you manage it?
Singing in a band was my dream. I have created one with my friend and the other bands have been created like a product of higher appetence. In the case of God In Flames I just gave my voice into music of high quality. Now I am thinking about doing other two projects, so maybe it will be some more at the end.

Your albums are released at incredible speed. Aeber by Phylactery was just released a while ago and you´re already working at new Embrace the Darkness. Can you say something more about it? What reactions did you receive at Aeber?
I can only say that there will be something new at the album, but a big portion of music at the same time. At this time there are actually some lyrics and songs being completed. In November we´ll record the first song that will represent the album. The reactions at Aeber were mostly positive. Surprisingly they (album and the band as well) have been very successful in South America. We wanted to be presented with music that can be equal to world music production. I think we were successful.

Did you attend music school? How do you care of your voice?
I didn´t. I think nobody would want to hear my clean vocals (laughing). I care of my voice just by a daily routine: saving up, warming up before the gig etc. Basically it´s just enough. I practice new techniques at home, but very rarely.

Which bands in your opinion are the pillars of modern metal?
Probably all the underground ones.

What can make you angry?
Human stupidity and ignorance.

Are you decisive?
Depends what I am deciding about. More or less I say exactly what I am thinking of. I think that honest actions are the only right actions.

What would you advise to Czech teenagers?
Do not be afraid of following your dreams. The world is small and every goal can be achieved. It depends only how strong your will is. Even if something goes wrong, you can say that you have tried it and fought for it.

Videos with Seth: 
  • Embrace the Darkness - Temptation´s Nest 
  • God in Flames - Gods in Flames
  • God in Flames - City of Dust
Embrace the Darkness - The Nameless (EP 2016) has much more than a few slow and emotional parts with violin. There are also Seth´s clean vocals in Victim of Myself, and everything swirls around doomy themes.
Phylactery - Aeber (2018) is totally opposite, very fast album which does not wait for anyone. Brutal riffs rush to the ears of a non-experienced listener and slow down only to speed up again.

(Printed in Czech language in magazine Špit, 9.10.2018)

středa 24. října 2018

Starting a band 

Since I left Radio Jerevan, I wanted to have my own band. There were several experiments, some friends who liked my idea, but it couldn`t work. I published on YouTube a few covers, but having my own band was still an utopia.

I was twice a guest in Radio Jerevan like an appreciated ex-singer and twice a guest in Embrace the Darkness. The second time it was recorded and I uploaded it with English subtitles.

One day (not long ago actually, 15.9.2018) I was invited to sing The Grand Abomination by Phylactery. Their singer Seth told me an hour before the gig, so I was totally unprepared, but managed to do it well. What a shame it has not been recorded.
In September (at Saint Wenceslav holy day) I joined a folk metal band Ewenay...and left it in October. Now I am interested in a grindcore project, stay tuned and be ready that this time it will be freaking awesome.

pondělí 17. září 2018

Radio Jerevan ("radio yerevan")

I was a session singer from 31. July 2016 till 11. March 2017 in a Czech band Radio Jerevan. Their style is really difficult to define, because they had a large number of singers in their 20 years of existence and each of them brought there something different. The name does not mean it is a radio, but it was named after an imaginary radio parodying communist era. The most important singers which sang with them are:
  • Baz (his nickname is from a word ´bazooka´) - wrote most of the lyrics
  • Lucie Dvořáková - first Radio Jerevan's female singer, now working on a grindcore project
 My part of their music: I made up the main riff in a song Miluju plasty and Slovak part of Ježek v kleci.
Current line-up:
Che - guitar
Miňas - guitar
David - drums
Siky - bass guitar
Shrek - vocals

Metal and Hardcore festival XIII in Trutnov
From left to right: Che, me, David, Siky, Miňas

Goodfellas In Da House 10.12. 2016 in Železný Brod

Chemical Warfare Mosilana in Žamberk

Current line-up
From left to right: Miňas, Siky, Shrek, David, Che

From left to right: Baz, Siky, Che, Lucie

About me

I am Arya, female metal growler from Czech Republic. Although I have a blog in Czech, I decided to have one in English. I think the reason is understable.
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